Frequently asked questions

Regarding our products:
Question: I would like to indicate another timeframe. Is that possible? 
Yes, by combining parts with the other colours. For example orange and yellow add up to a timeframe of 35 minutes. 

Question: Do you also offer Colourclocks with another time division? 
Yes, the Colourclock is able to produce Colourclocks on request with another division, entirely custom built. Please note: the minimum number of these custom made clocks is 50 (by model). Are you interested? Then contact us.
Regarding ordering/payment: 

Question: Which payment methods do you offer?
Currently, the Colourclock offers 2 payment methods:
1. Transfer to our bank account number (the details are provided on the invoice). As soon as the payment is received, we will ship the Colourclocks.
2. Your order can be picked up at our office in The Netherlands (Drunen). In that case you save on shipping costs (please pay attention: cash payment in euro only). 

Question: I have already paid. What happens next?
As soon as the payment is received, we will ship the Colourclocks.
Question: Do I have to pay shipping costs for each Colourclock?
The shipping costs are charged per order, according to the standard Dutch postal rates.
Question: I would like to have the clock before a given date. Is that possible? 
As soon as the payment is received, we will ship your order. Electronic payments tend to be really fast. Please use the remark field on the order to indicate the date that the shipment has to meet. 

Question: How can I order? 
There are 2 options:
Create your order in the webshop
Send your order per e-mail

Question: Do I get an invoice by mail? 
The Colourclock sends you a copy of your order, which is the invoice at the same time. When you do not have an e-mail address, you'll  get it by regular mail.
Question: Why do I have to pay VAT on shipping costs as well?
The VAT is also charged on shipping costs because we are legally obliged to do so due to Dutch tax legislation.